A Chat with Dr. Mazar


At Jaffa Street in Jerusalem, Israel



Excerpt of the call with Dr. Eilat Mazar on January 21, 2019 in Jerusalem:

Dr. Eilat Mazar: So please I must go in now for ________… But I want to assure you that eh, eh, President Antonio?

Mr. Antonio: Yes?

Dr. Eilat Mazar: Okay, I want to assure you that first, it’s a very sincere friendship, please thanks the people they should know that it’s very important to me and we will keep in touch and the moment that I’ll see that I can really be capable of using being you know it’s just me working, it’s too much for me now. But when I see it’s possible, I will eh, I’ll tell you while you wait and then please wait. So before we can talk, but not now I must go in, okay?

Mr. Antonio: Okay

Dr. Eilat Mazar: Okay, thank you so so much. We’ll keep in touch anyway.

Mr. Antonio: Okay

Dr. Eilat Mazar: Don’t worry about this. Okay bye, bye, bye. Take care, bye.

After that second call, we responded to Dr. Mazar again with SMS:

“I greatly appreciate your call. I apologize if you felt like we are chasing you. We understand that you have a previous obligation with the Philadelphia Church of God since you have an on-going exhibit with them that will end on March 2019. We hope that after the completion of your obligation with them, you can already enter into a commitment with us with regard to the publication project. On our end, we are very much willing to wait with the start of our partnership. And while waiting for the start of our partnership, we will continue to prepare for our financial obligation for this project.”

After that message, we immediately received a very reassuring positive feedback from Dr. Eilat Mazar thru SMS:

“Thank you so much for been so willing and understanding. We will definitely keep in touch and look forward towards fruitful and blessed future. Warmest wishes Eilat”