Sermon 01-02-21 The Greatest Divine Reset Under God

Sermonette 01-16-21 The Affliction of the Righteous

Sermon 01-16-21 If I Covered My Transgression As Adam

Bible Study 02-20-21 For Now, O Ephraim, Thou Comittest Whoredom, Israel is Defiled

Sermonette 02-20-21 To The Intent That The Living May Know That The Most High Ruleth In The Kingdom Of Men, And Giveth It To Whomsoever He Will

Sermon 02-20-21 From the Power of Satan Unto God

Sermonette 03-06-21 Dedication and Loyalty to God

Sermon 03-06-21 Know Ye Not That Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Which Is In You

Sermon 03-27-21 Focusing on the Passover Lamb Sacrifice – Jesus Christ Will Take Away the Sins of the World

Sermon 04-03-21 Who are We in Prophecy

Sermon 04-10-21 The Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Ten Commandments

Powerpoint 04-10-21 The Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Ten Commandments

Sermonette 04-17-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 1 – The Introduction

Sermon 05-15-21 Who Shall Go Up into the Mountain of the Lord Or Who Shall Stand in His Holy Place

Sermon 05-22-21 Jerusalem From Above

Sermon 05-29-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 2 – Satan and The Trees of Eden in the Belly of Hell

PENTECOST Bible Study 05-30-21 Counting Pentecost and A New Meat Offering on the Day of the Firstfruits

PENTECOST Sermon 05-30-21 The Key of Solomon

Sermonette 06-26-21 The History and Prophecy of Abraham and His Seed Part 1B – The Teachers of Righteousness and the Antediluvian Age

Sermon 06-26-21 The Two Trees

Sermon 07-17-21 By Thy Sorceries Were All Nations Deceived – The Key of Solomon Part 2

Sermon 08-21-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 3 – The Iron Wall of Eden and the Two Trees in the Mother’s Womb

Sermon 09-11-21 The Virtuous Woman

Sermon 09-18-21 The Beast of Revelation 13 – The Key of Solomon Part 3

Sermon 09-25-21 The Surprising Lineage of Jesus Christ Through Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary

Sermon 10-02-21 Our Work is God’s Lamentation for Jerusalem

TRUMPETS Offertory Message 10-06-21 The Remembrancers Sound an Alarm and Make a Joyful Noise

TRUMPETS Sermon 10-06-21 Rebuilding Jerusalem – The 70 Years Prophecy of Jeremiah

ATONEMENT Offertory Message 10-15-21 The Day of Atonement in God’s Master Plan

ATONEMENT Sermon 10-15-21 The Fall of Babylon – The 70 Years Prophecy of Jeremiah

Sermon 10-16-21 Remember, Learn, Prophesy Against and Rejoice Being the Bride of Christ

FOT Opening Night Message 10-19-21 A Time of Healing

FOT 1st Day AM Offertory Message 10-20-21 Remembering the 10% and the 7,000 Men in Our Tithes and Offering to Become the Teacher of Righteousness

FOT 1st Day AM Sermon 10-20-21 The Wonderful World Tomorrow and the 144,000 Saints

FOT 1st Day PM Sermonette 10-20-21 Halel Yahuah

FOT 1st Day PM Sermon 10-20-21 The Completion of the Temple – The 70 Years Prophecy of Jeremiah

FOT 2nd Day Sermonette 10-21-21 Symbolism in the Number of the Beast Part 1

FOT 2nd Day Sermon 10-21-21 The ARK of the Covenant Part 1

FOT 3rd Day Sermonette 10-22-21 You Shall Rejoice Before the Lord Your God

FOT 3rd Day Sermon 10-22-21 Abba Yahuah’s Tabernacle of Memories for His Little Children

FOT 4th Day Sermon 10-23-21 The Science of Healing Part 2 – But Grow in Grace, and in the Science of Our Lord and Saviour Yahusha

FOT 5th Day Sermonette 10-24-21 How Important is the Breath of Life from God To Us in This Trouble Times

FOT 5th Day Sermon 10-24-21 The ARK of the Covenant Part 2

FOT 6th Day Sermon 10-25-21 Feast of Tabernacles, The Feasts of Strangers

FOT 7th Day Sermonette 10-26-21 Have An Effective Connection With God

FOT 7th Day Sermon 10-26-21 Halel Yahuah Part 2 – Victory Over the Beast

LGD Offertory Message 10-27-21

LGD AM Sermon 10-27-21 Gathering the Remnant – The 70 Years Prophecy of Jeremiah

LGD PM Sermonette 10-27-21 Symbolism in the Number of the Beast Part 2

Sermonette 10-30-21 Are We Really Truly Christian

Sermon 10-30-21 Let Us Call Upon His Name

Sermonette 11-06-21 Unto the Angel of the Church of the Laodiceans

Sermon 11-06-21 The Ezekiel 4 Siege 2.0 & the Ministry of Reconciliation

Sermon 11-13-21 God’s People Return to Jerusalem, Lamentation to Jerusalem Part 2

Sermon 11-20-21 Healing of Wounds in the Year of Recompense

Sermon 12-10-21 For God So Love His Little Children

Bible Study 12-18-21 The Wisdom of the Gatherer

Sermonette 12-18-21 I Will Never Leave Thee Nor Forsake Thee

Sermonette 12-25-21 The Parable of the Wedding Feast of Matthew 22 – The Man Who Has No Garment At The Wedding Feast

Sermon 12-25-21 The History of Punishments in the Bible