Sermonette 01-05-19 The Everlasting Love of God

Sermon 01-05-19 Clothed in Sackcloth

Sermonette 01-12-19 Lessons of a Day Trader and Measuring our Spiritual Condition

Sermon 01-12-19 Fulfill Your Pledge of Love for God 

Sermonette 01-19-19 Lesson of a Day Trader and Measuring Our Spiritual Condition

Sermon 01-19-19 Hasting to the Booty, Swift to the Prey

Sermonette 01-26-19 A Royal Playground, A Royal Garden

Sermon 01-26-19 It Shall be for a Time, Times and a Half

Sermonette 02-02-19 The Importance of Prayer and Can it Really Change a Thing

Sermon 02-02-19 Hope and Patiently Wait for the Salvation of the Lord

Sermonette 02-09-19 The God of Principles

Sermon 02-09-19 Cyrus Work – To Obtain Children for God’s Family in Jerusalem

Sermonette 02-16-19 The Need of Patience and Character Building

Sermon 02-16-19 Train Up a Child the Way that He Should Go

Sermonette 02-23-19 The New Generation

Sermon 02-23-19 Raising Up God’s Holy Habitation

Sermonette 03-02-19 The Apostle Paul’s Savior Mindset

Sermon 03-02-19 The Mantle of Elijah Part 1

Sermonette 03-09-19 I Will Spue Thee Out of My Mouth

Sermon 03-09-19 Who Art Thou, O Great Mountain

Sermonette 03-16-19 Revisit the Third Woe Sermon Messages

Sermon 03-16-19 The Mantle of Elijah Part 2

Sermon 03-23-19 O Zerubbabel My Servant, I Will Make You A Signet

Sermonette 03-30-19 Passover Message

Sermon 03-30-19 The Word of the Lord Came Unto Jonah

Sermonette 04-06-19 The Vision of the True Vine and the Branches, the Husband Jesus Christ, and the 144,000 Firstfruits of God the Wife

Sermon 04-06-19 The Fulfillment of the 1335 Days of Daniel 12

Sermonette 04-13-19 The Joy of True Freedom to God’s Holy Day Plan

Sermon 04-13-19 The History and Prophecy of the Crucifixion

PASSOVER 04-18-19

FDUB AM Offertory Message 04-20-19 

FDUB AM Sermon 04-20-19 The Sign of Jonah and the Days of Unleavened Bread

FDUB PM Sermonette 04-20-19 Seven Days Shall You Eat Unleavened Bread

FDUB PM Sermon 04-20-19 The Communion of the Blood of Christ and the Fellowship of Iniquity

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-26-19 

LDUB AM Sermon 04-26-19 Encouragement for the Remembrancers from the Book of 2 Timothy

LDUB PM Sermonette 04-26-19 The Last Day of Unleavened Bread

LDUB PM Sermon 04-26-19 The Way of the Wilderness of the Red Sea

Sermonette 04-27-19 The Sacrifice of Isaac and Its Impact on the Family of Abraham

Sermon 04-27-19 My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me

Sermonette 05-04-19 What is the Holy Spirit and How Do You Know You Have It

Sermon 05-04-19 In that Day, Seven Women Shall Take Hold of One Man

Sermonette 05-11-19 Birthdays – To Celebrate or Not

Sermon 05-11-19 The Lord Will Make the Earth Empty

Sermonette 05-18-19 The Beginning and the End of Time

Sermon 05-18-19 Behold, I Will Bring Again the Shadow of Degrees – 10 Degrees Backward

Sermonette 05-25-19 Many are Called but Few are Chosen yet Very Few are Faithful

Sermon 05-25-19 The Iniquity of Ephraim is Bound Up and His Sin is Hid

Sermonette 06-01-19 Heavenly Signs – A Sign that God Wants Us to Become a Savior

Sermon 06-01-19 Rise Up and Walk

Sermonette 06-08-19 The Rod of Moses – Where Did It Come From and Where Did It Go

Sermon 06-08-19 Holy Spirit and the Feast of Pentecost

PENTECOST AM Offertory Message 06-09-19 

PENTECOST AM Sermon 06-09-19 Feast of Pentecost and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy

PENTECOST PM Sermonette 06-09-19 Like and Share

PENTECOST PM Sermon 06-09-19 The Ark of God and the Feast of Pentecost

Sermonette 06-15-19 The Marriage Supper

Sermon 06-15-19 Getting the Bride Ready

Sermon 06-22-19 The Mature Love of God Part 1

Sermonette 06-29-19 Keep an Open Mind

Sermon 06-29-19 Thus Saith the Lord to His Anointed, to Cyrus

Sermonette 07-06-19 Are We Humble Enough to Accept Correction in the Face of Adversities

Sermon 07-06-19 The Mature Love of God Part 2

Sermonette 07-13-19 Sabbath Day – The Center of God’s Master Plan Part 1

Sermon 07-13-19 Where is the Bill of Your Mother’s Divorcement

Sermonette 07-20-19 David A Man After God’s Own Heart

Sermon 07-20-19 Becoming a Witness for God – The Mature Love of God Part 3

Sermonette 07-27-19 Jesus Christ – The Perfect Loving God, The Jealous God

Sermon 07-27-19 O You Priest, This Commandment is For You

Sermonette 08-03-19 The Kenyan Work – The Beginning of the 7000, and 7 Women Shall Take Hold of One Man

Sermon 08-03-19 Love is the Completion of Man – The Mature Love of God Part 4

Sermonette 08-10-19 Magnify the Office of God’s Two Witnesses

Sermon 08-10-19 Behold, I Will Send My Messenger, and He Shall Prepare the Way Before Me

Sermonette 08-17-19 Humility

Sermon 08-17-19 The Exact Science of Love – The Mature Love of God Part 5

Sermon 08-24-19 Judgment and the Love of God Ought You to Have Done and Not to Leave the Other Undone

Sermonette 08-31-19 

Sermon 08-31-19 Everything is Light – The Mature Love of God Part 6

Sermonette 09-07-19 The Lions and the Kings

Sermon 09-07-19 Send out Thy Light and Thy Truth

Sermonette 09-14-19 Jesus Christ the True Vine

Sermon 09-14-19 The Ark of God and the Heart of God – The Mature Love of God Part 7

Sermonette 09-21-19 The Spirit of Complacency 

Sermon 09-21-19 Love Made Perfect in the Day of Judgment

Sermonette 09-28-19 Sabbath Day – The Exodus and the Marriage of the Lamb Part 2

Sermon 09-28-19 The Two Witnesses Their Work and the Meaning of the Feast of Trumpets

TRUMPETS AM Offertory Message 09-30-19 Applying God’s Holy Righteous Judgment to Our Offerings

TRUMPETS AM Sermon 09-30-19 The Third Woe and the Woman Clothed with a Sun

TRUMPETS PM Sermonette 09-30-19 The Fear of the Lord is God’s Remembrancers or the Five Wise Virgins’ Treasure

TRUMPETS PM Sermon 09-30-19 The Feast of Trumpets and the Resurrection

Split Sermon 1st Part 10-05-19 We the Five Wise Virgins are Made by God to Serve

Split Sermon 2nd Part 10-05-19 Will You Also Go Away

ATONEMENT Offertory Message 10-09-19 

ATONEMENT Sermon 10-09-19 A Day of Reparation and Perfection of Praise

Sermonette 10-12-19 Why We Should Keep the Feast

Split Sermon 1st Part 10-12-19 The Desires of Your Heart

Split Sermon 2nd Part 10-12-19 The Two Hands of God

FOT Opening Night Message 10-13-19 

FOT 1st day AM Offertory Message 10-14-19 

FOT 1st day AM Sermon 10-14-19 The Ingathering and Building of God’s Temple

FOT 1st day Sermon (AM in Jerusalem) 10-14-19 How Long Shall it be to the End of These Wonders

FOT 2nd day Sermonette 10-15-19 You Shall Bind Them for a Sign Upon Your Hand

FOT 2nd day Sermon 10-15-19 Build the House of Jerusalem

FOT 3rd day Sermonette 10-16-19 Child Rearing

FOT 3rd day Sermon 10-16-19 The Desires of Your Heart Part 2

FOT 4th day Sermonette 10-17-19 To God be the Glory Part 1

FOT 4th day Sermon (2nd day in Jerusalem) 10-17-19 The Feast of Tabernacles, the 70 Weeks and the Teachers of Righteousness Part 1

FOT 5th day Split Sermon 1st Part 10-18-19 Jerusalem the Desire in God’s Eyes

FOT 5th day Split Sermon 2nd Part 10-18-19 Never Just Give Up

FOT 5th Day SplitSermon (Jerusalem) 10-18-19 Proving the Authenticity of Sefer HaYashar, The Book of Jasher

FOT 6th day AM Sermonette 10-19-19 God’s Sons His Heirs

FOT 6th day AM Sermon (3rd day in Jerusalem) 10-19-19 The Feast of Tabernacles, the 70 Weeks and the Teachers of Righteousness Part 2

FOT 6th day PM Sermonette (AM in Jerusalem) 10-19-19 We are the Pillars Part 1

FOT 6th day PM Sermon (AM in Jerusalem) 10-19-19 Gather Together to Jerusalem

FOT 6th day PM Sermon in Jerusalem 10-19-19 How not to Fall Away, Taking Up One’s Burden To Follow Christ

FOT 7th day Sermonette 10-20-19 Be of Remembrance of These Things

FOT 7th day Sermonette (Jerusalem) 10-20-19 Train Up A Son of God in the Way He Should Go – and When He is Old, He Will Not Depart From it (Prov 22-6)

FOT 7th day Sermonette in Jerusalem 10-20-19 We are the Pillars Part 2

FOT 7th day Sermon 10-20-19 Set Your Affection to the House of My God

FOT 7th day Sermon 10-20-19 Set Your Affection to the House of My God (Powerpoint)

LGD AM Offertory Message 10-21-19 

LGD AM Sermon 10-21-19 The Amazing Conclusion to Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy

LGD PM Offertory Message (AM in Jerusalem) 10-21-19

LGD PM Sermon (AM in Jerusalem) 10-21-19 Behold I Create Jerusalem A Rejoicing and Her People a Joy

Sermon 10-26-19 And They Stood Upon Their Feet, and Great Fear Fell Upon Them Which Saw Them

Sermonette 11-02-19 Arrayed Better Than Solomon

Sermon 11-02-19 The Mystery of Godliness

Sermonette 11-09-19 Bridging the Gap from East to West

Sermon 11-09-19 Study to Show Yourself Approved Unto God

Sermonette 11-16-19 To God be the Glory Part 2

Split Sermon 1st Part 11-16-19 What is the Faith the Gentile Has

Split Sermon 2nd Part 11-16-19 Prepare for the Marriages of the Two Lambs

Sermonette 11-23-19 I am the Lord thy God

Sermon 11-23-19 Do thy Diligence Shortly to Come Unto Me

Sermonette 11-30-19 The Power of Staying Close to God

Split Sermon 1st Part 11-30-19 1000-Year Worth of Revelations – Our Lesson Plan

Split Sermon 2nd Part 11-30-19 Why there is Commandments, Statutes, and Judgment

Sermonette 12-07-19 December Seventh in History and in Remembrance

Sermon 12-07-19 Bring Forth the Headstone Thereof with Shoutings

Sermonette 12-14-19

Split Sermon 1st Part 12-14-19 God’s Open Door

Split Sermon 2nd Part 12-14-19 A Miracle in Fire

Split Sermon 1st Part 12-21-19 For Who Has Despised the Day of the Insignificant

Split Sermon 2nd Part 12-21-19 And the Glory of this Latter House Shall be Greater than the Former

Sermonette 12-28-19 Israel in the Wilderness

Split Sermon 1st Part 12-28-19 A Mighty Angel of Laodicean Era Has Fallen

Split Sermon 2nd Part 12-28-19 Revelation 11 verse 7 to 19 – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow