Sermon 01-01-22 The Times of the Gentiles

Sermonette 01-08-22

Sermon 01-08-22 I Will Praise Thee For I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Bible Study AM 01-15-22 Thou Shall Not Commit Whoredom

Sermonette PM 01-15-22 The Story of the Ten Commandments and the Two Trees

Sermon PM 01-15-22 Yahuah, Jesus or Yahusha the Bright and Morning Star of Revelation 22 verse 16

Sermonette 01-22-22 The Lie that Launched Thousands of Warriors of God

Sermon 01-22-22

Sermonette 01-29-22 The Story of the Ten Commandments – Selfish Desires That Lead to Eternal Death

Sermon 01-29-22 Falling Into Delusions – Mass Formation Psychosis

Sermonette 02-05-22 Nevertheless When the Son of Man Comes, Shall He Find Faith on the Earth

Sermonette 02-12-22 The Cycle of Sin and Deliverance in the Philadelphia Era – Part1

Bible Study AM 02-19-22 Fear Yahuah and Keep His Commandments For This is the Completion of Man Part 1

Sermonette PM 02-19-22 Counting the Cost The Price We Are All Willing To Pay To Follow God

Sermon PM 02-19-22 Fear Yahuah and Keep His Commandments For This is the Completion of Man Part 2

Sermonette 02-26-22 Renew and Recycle Through Fasting

Sermon 02-26-22 The End of the Story of the Ten Commandments is God’s Everlasting Love to His Family

Sermonette 03-05-22 We Must Produce Spiritual Crop

Sermon 03-05-22 Salvation Through The Chosen Messenger Leading To The Philadelphia Era of God’s Church

Sermonette 03-12-22 God’s Correction Lead Into Perfection

Sermon 03-12-22 The Day of the Lord, A Day of Repentance, A Day of God’s Salvation to His People

Sermonette 03-19-22 Always Have a Thankful Attitude Towards God

Sermon 03-19-22 Lift Up Your Heads for Your Redemption Draweth Nigh

Sermon 03-26-22 Leadership

Sermonette 04-02-22 Amos 3:3

Sermon 04-02-22 Don’t Give your Strength to Woman, A Man’s Every Weakness

Sermonette 04-09-22 Despise Not The One of This Little One

Sermon 04-09-22 Worthy of the Passover

Sermonette 04-16-22 Simon Magus in God’s Church Working Inside

Sermon 04-16-22 These are Idols According to Our Own Understanding

FDUB AM Offertory Message 04-17-22 Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is From Above

FDUB AM Sermon 04-17-22 Frustration

FDUB PM Sermonette 04-17-22 His Qualification To Be Savior Of Mankind

FDUB PM Sermon 04-17-22 The Glory Of The Gentiles

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-23-22

LDUB AM Sermon 04-23-22 Delight Yourself in Abba Yahuah and He Will Give Himself To You

LDUB PM Sermonette 04-23-22 Idolatry

LDUB PM Sermon 04-23-22 The Feast of Unleavened Bread And The Ark Of Yahuah’s New Covenant