Sermon 01-01-22 The Times of the Gentiles

Sermonette 01-08-22

Sermon 01-08-22 I Will Praise Thee For I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Bible Study AM 01-15-22 Thou Shall Not Commit Whoredom

Sermonette PM 01-15-22 The Story of the Ten Commandments and the Two Trees

Sermon PM 01-15-22 Yahuah, Jesus or Yahusha the Bright and Morning Star of Revelation 22 verse 16

Sermonette 01-22-22 The Lie that Launched Thousands of Warriors of God

Sermon 01-22-22

Sermonette 01-29-22 The Story of the Ten Commandments – Selfish Desires That Lead to Eternal Death

Sermon 01-29-22 Falling Into Delusions – Mass Formation Psychosis

Sermonette 02-05-22 Nevertheless When the Son of Man Comes, Shall He Find Faith on the Earth

Sermonette 02-12-22 The Cycle of Sin and Deliverance in the Philadelphia Era – Part1

Bible Study AM 02-19-22 Fear Yahuah and Keep His Commandments For This is the Completion of Man Part 1

Sermonette PM 02-19-22 Counting the Cost The Price We Are All Willing To Pay To Follow God

Sermon PM 02-19-22 Fear Yahuah and Keep His Commandments For This is the Completion of Man Part 2

Sermonette 02-26-22 Renew and Recycle Through Fasting

Sermon 02-26-22 The End of the Story of the Ten Commandments is God’s Everlasting Love to His Family

Sermonette 03-05-22 We Must Produce Spiritual Crop

Sermon 03-05-22 Salvation Through The Chosen Messenger Leading To The Philadelphia Era of God’s Church

Sermonette 03-12-22 God’s Correction Lead Into Perfection

Sermon 03-12-22 The Day of the Lord, A Day of Repentance, A Day of God’s Salvation to His People

Sermonette 03-19-22 Always Have a Thankful Attitude Towards God

Sermon 03-19-22 Lift Up Your Heads for Your Redemption Draweth Nigh

Sermon 03-26-22 Leadership

Sermonette 04-02-22 Amos 3:3

Sermon 04-02-22 Don’t Give your Strength to Woman, A Man’s Every Weakness

Sermonette 04-09-22 Despise Not The One of This Little One

Sermon 04-09-22 Worthy of the Passover

Sermonette 04-16-22 Simon Magus in God’s Church Working Inside

Sermon 04-16-22 These are Idols According to Our Own Understanding

FDUB AM Offertory Message 04-17-22 Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift is From Above

FDUB AM Sermon 04-17-22 Frustration

FDUB PM Sermonette 04-17-22 His Qualification To Be Savior Of Mankind

FDUB PM Sermon 04-17-22 The Glory Of The Gentiles

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-23-22

LDUB AM Sermon 04-23-22 Delight Yourself in Abba Yahuah and He Will Give Himself To You

LDUB PM Sermonette 04-23-22 Idolatry

LDUB PM Sermon 04-23-22 The Feast of Unleavened Bread And The Ark Of Yahuah’s New Covenant

Sermonette 04-30-22 God Knows What We Need and He Directs Our Steps

Sermon 04-30-22 The True History Of The True Church Part 1

Sermonette 05-07-22 1 Corinthians 1 verse 25

Sermon 05-07-22 There Shall Be As The Shaking Of The Olive Tree

Sermonette 05-14-22 God Did Send Joseph To Preserve Life

Sermon 05-14-22 God’s Holy Days and His Strange Work

Bible Study AM 05-21-22 The Glory Of The Gentiles Part 2 – The Rise Of Ophir

Bible Study AM 05-21-22 Presentation

Sermonette PM 05-21-22 God’s Wonderful Opportunity To His People In This Last End

Sermon PM 05-21-22 Sin Lies At The Door – Genesis Chapter 4 Verse 7

Sermonette 05-28-22 Never Allow Your Emotions To Deprive Us Outside Of The Bounds Of God’s Law

Sermon 05-28-22 How Do You Respond To God’s Calling

Sermonette 06-04-22 Through God’s Help, We Can Make It

Sermon 06-04-22 A Voice Cries Out, What’s Wrong With Science And Technology

Sermonette 06-11-22 For Now Is Our Salvation Nearer Than We Believe

Sermon 06-11-22 Your Ultimate Choice

Bible Study AM 06-18-22 The Foundation Of All Creations

Sermonette PM 06-18-22 The Lesson Of Cain Are For Each One Of Us

Sermon PM 06-18-22 The True History Of The True Church Of God Part 2 The True Church Persecuted

Sermonette 06-25-22 Why God Permits Human Suffering

Sermon 06-25-22 Ready Always An Answer To Give

Sermonette 07-02-22 A Wisdom From Abba Yahuah

Sermon 07-02-22 Psalm 127 Verse 3 – Children Are An Heritage Of The Lord And The Fruit Of The Womb Is His Reward

Bible Study AM 07-09-22 How Important Is This Vision Of God To Our Children Preparing Himself To Teach In The Coming World Tomorrow

Sermonette PM 07-09-22 The Last End Judges Of Israel

Sermon PM 07-09-22 Tuning To The Frequency Of Miracle And Love

Sermonette 07-16-22 Repentance Toward God Is The Key In God’s Kingdom

Sermon 07-16-22 How To Organize Your Life God’s Way

Bible Study AM 07-23-22 Remember Now Your Creator In The Days Of Your Youth

Sermonette PM 07-23-22 Those Who Hold This Vision Are Qualified To Rule From God’s Headquarters For All Eternity

Sermon PM 07-23-22 The Word Of Abba Yahuah That Came To Micah The Morasthite

Sermonette 07-30-22 Why God Allows Division To Happen In His Church

Sermon 07-30-22 The Foundation Of All Creations Part 2, God’s Infinite Understanding

Sermon 07-30-22 Presentation

Sermonette 08-06-22 Goals In Child Rearing

Sermon 08-06-22 The Cycle Of Sin And Deliverance – Part 2 – Peace And Prosperity In The Philadelphia Era Part 1

Bible Study AM 08-13-22 Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness

Sermonette PM 08-13-22 Trials Will Show That Your Faith Is Strengthening

Sermon PM 08-13-22 Count It All Joy When You Fall Into Diverse Temptation

Sermonette 08-20-22 Fasting Is The One Of Our Most Powerful Tool In Our Spiritual Life

Sermon 08-20-22 The Faith That Can Move Mountains

Bible Study AM 08-27-22 Our Children Are Sanctified By God For Holy Purpose

Sermonette PM 08-27-22 Pursue Spiritual Excellence Fit For Royalty

Sermon PM 08-27-22 The Drying Up of the Spiritual Earth

Sermonette 09-03-22 What Its Members Knew What Its Specific Job In The Kingdom

Sermon 09-03-22 Ask And You Shall Receive – You Can Prove The Quantum Realm Part 2

Bible Study AM 09-10-22 Isaiah 58 Fasting And The Sabbath For The Healing Of The Nations

Sermonette PM 09-10-22 Vanity Is An Evil Disease

Sermon PM 09-10-22 The Foundation Of All Creations Part 3, The Knowledge Understanding And Wisdom

Sermon PM 09-10-22 Presentation

Sermonette 09-17-22 True Christian Fellowship Is A Desire To Share God’s Mind To Another Brethren

Sermon 09-17-22 That The Way Of The Kings Of The East Might Be Prepared

Sermonette 09-24-22 Review On The Seven Laws Of Success

Sermon 09-24-22 Shemitah And Feast Of Trumpets

TRUMPETS AM Offertory Message 09-27-22

TRUMPETS AM Sermon 09-27-22 The Spirit Of God Has Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters

TRUMPETS PM Sermonette 09-27-22 Be Established In The Present Truth As We Follow Our Shepherd Wherever He Goes

TRUMPETS PM Sermon 09-27-22 The Feast Of Trumpets And The Fulfilment Of The Isaiah 58 Prophecy

TRUMPETS PM Sermon 09-27-22 Presentation

Sermonette 10-01-22 Yahusha Ha Mashiach, The Finisher Of Our Faith

Sermon 10-01-22 Day Of Atonement – Leviticus 23 Verse 27

ATONEMENT Offertory Message 10-06-22

ATONEMENT Sermon 10-06-22 And Yahuah Divided The Waters From The Waters

Sermonette 10-08-22 History Of The Teachers’ Camp Feast Site

Sermon 10-08-22 The Feast, The Millenium, And The 1000 Worth Of Revelation

FOT Opening Night Message 10-10-22 The First To Zion As Teachers Of Righteousness

FOT 1st Day AM Offertory Message 10-11-22

FOT 1st Day AM Sermon 10-11-22 7 Days You Shall Offer An Offering Made By Fire Unto Abba Yahuah

FOT 1st Day PM Sermonette 10-11-22 Why We Need To Keep The Feast Of Tabernacles

FOT 1st Day PM Sermon 10-11-22 The First to Zion – The First Dominion To The Kingdom Of God

FOT 2nd Day Sermonette 10-12-22 God Help Us To Make Good Use To Each

FOT 2nd Day Sermon 10-12-22 God’s True Education And The Feast Of Tabernacles

FOT 3rd Day Sermonette 10-13-21 Renewing Our Strength

FOT 3rd Day Sermon 10-13-21 Romans 8 And The Feast Of Tabernacles

FOT 4th Day Sermonette 10-14-22 The Ark Of God Foundation And In Connection Of The Courageous Joshua Of The Old Testament

FOT 4th Day Sermon 10-14-22 The Foundation Of All Creation Part 4, The Two Trees In The Garden Of Eden

FOT 5th Day AM Sermonette 10-15-22 Making The Way Back To Abba Yahuah

FOT 5th Day AM Sermon 10-15-22 II Corinthians 10 Verse 5

FOT 5th Day PM Sermonette 10-15-22 Traversing The Narrow Gate

FOT 5th Day PM Sermon 10-15-22 Is Not God’s Word Like Hammer That Break The Rock In Pieces

FOT 6th Day Sermonette 10-16-22 The Best Feast Ever Is The Understadning To God’s Very Elect For First To Zion

FOT 6th Day Sermon 10-16-22 II Corinthians 10 Verse 5 – Part 2

FOT 7th Day Sermonette 10-17-22 Blessed Are You Who Persecute You

FOT 7th Day Sermon 10-17-22 The Significance Of The Feast Of Tabernacles

LGD AM Offertory Message 10-18-22

LGD AM Sermon 10-18-22 The Great White Throne And The Times Of The Gentiles

LGD PM Sermonette 10-18-22 The Great Desire Of The Saints – Part 1

LGD PM Sermon 10-18-22 The Teachers Of Righteousness At The End Of Time

Sermonette 10-22-22 The Great Desire Of The Saints – Part 2

Sermon 10-22-22 Making The Way Back To Abba Yahuah Part 2 – Being A Detectable Signpost

Sermonette 10-29-22 God’s Deliverance Of The 10 Percent And 7000

Sermon 10-22-22 Matthew 6 Verse 33 And Our Work Today

Sermonette 11-05-22 Through The Wisdom And Understanding His Mercy Never Fails

Sermon 11-05-22 Teachers Of Righteousness, Quench Not The Spirit

Bible Study AM 12-11-22 The Foundation Of All Creations Part 5, The Righteous Shall Live By Faith

Sermonette PM 12-11-22 Being Righteous In A Lukewarm World

Sermon PM 12-11-22 A Broken Jar

Sermonette PM 19-11-22 The Present Truth And The Eternal Father’s Holy Name

Sermon PM 19-11-22 House Of Sacrifice

Bible Study AM 26-11-22 And Saviors Shall Ascend To Mount Zion

Sermonette PM 26-11-22 Return To God

Sermon PM 26-11-22 The Two Golden Dwarves

Sermonette 03-12-22 Peter Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep

Sermon 03-12-22 Let Us Reason Together

Bible Study AM 10-12-22 The Teachers Of Righteousness At The End Of Time – Part 2

Sermonette PM 10-12-22 Make All Things Possible

Sermon PM 10-12-22 David And Psalm 19

Sermonette 17-12-22 Abba Yahuah The God Of The Old Testament

Sermon 17-12-22 What Is Freedom Without Law, Without Grace And Without Faith

Bible Study AM 24-12-22 Making The Way Back To Abba Yahuah – Legible Markers

Sermonette PM 24-12-22 Christian Routine

Sermon PM 24-12-22 Take The Step

Sermonette 31-12-22 Submission To God Comes Blessing And Prosperity

Sermon 31-12-22 The Foundation Of All Creations Part 6 – The I AM Train Up A Child For God’s Kingdom