Herbert W Armstrong in Jerusalem

HWA with Mayor Teddy Kollek in Jerusalem HWA in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem with children_1 HWA plaque in Jerusalem HWA with Israel PM Menachem Begin 1978
IMG_1308 Remembrancers5 Remembrancers6 Remembrancers
Remembrancers1 Remembrancers2 Cebu congregation Remembrancers3
11998876_1462610327402315_4467475553978044138_n 11960130_1462610177402330_1032766255046773347_n 11949419_1462610620735619_6406475689993649378_n 11986925_1462610497402298_5660245057125643163_n
Cebu congregation_3 Cebu congregation_2 Cebu congregation_1 Ordination
Feast of Tabernacles 2015 Mambukal 2015 FOT Mambukal Resort 2015 FOT Mambukal Resort_1 2015 FOT Mambukal Resort_2
2015 FOT service 2015 FOT service_4 2015 FOT service_1 2015 FOT service_5
 ARK of God logo  FOT 2015 Teen activity__1  Teen picture  Mambukal group picture_1
 FOT 2015 Teen activity__2  FOT 2015 Teen activity  Mambukal group picture_2  Behind the Work 2015
 Dance night  Dance night_4  Dance night_5  Dance night_1
 Dance night_3  Dance night_2  Dance night_7  Dance night_6
 FOT 2015 choir  FOT 2015 group lunch_2  FOT 2015 group lunch_3  FOT 2015 group lunch_1

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