Sermonette 01-07-17 Love One Another by Praying for One Another

Sermon 01-07-17 Jeremiah’s Last End Commission Part 6

Sermonette 01-14-17 The Love of Christ

Sermon 01-14-17 The Ten Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments

Sermon 01-21-17 Jeremiah’s Last End Commission Part 7 – Babylon in Judah

Sermonette 01-28-17 Remembrancers, How to Love Your Mates

Sermon 01-28-17 The History and Prophecy in the Garden of Eden

Sermonette 02-04-17 Love One Another Part 2

Sermon 02-04-17 The History and Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Sermonette 02-11-17 Handling Conflicts

Sermon 02-11-17 The History and Prophecy of God’s Creation and King David’s Triumph

Sermonette 02-18-17 Christian Courage

Sermon 02-18-17 Become an Overcomer with God

Sermonette 02-25-17 Valentine’s Day – A Christianized Paganism

Sermon 02-25-17 The Cherubim of the House of God

Sermonette 03-04-17 Don’t Put It Off

Sermon 03-04-17 As in the Days of Noah

Sermonette 03-11-17 Handling Conflict Part 2

Sermon 03-11-17 The Cherubim of the House of God Part 2

Sermonette 03-18-17 Passover

Sermon 03-18-17 Examine Yourself as a Remembrancer

Sermonette 03-25-17 Partaking the Last Supper

Sermon 03-25-17 Let’s Finished the Work of God

Sermonette 04-01-17 Passover Message

Sermon 04-01-17 Focus On The Lamb

Sermonette 04-08-17 How to Keep the Night to be Much Observe Properly

Sermon 04-08-17 1 Corinthians 11:28-31

PASSOVER 04-08-17

FDUB AM Offertory Message 04-11-17 

FDUB AM Sermon 04-11-17 Let My People Go

FDUB PM Sermonette 04-11-17 The PCG and the Days of Unleavened Bread

FDUB PM Sermon 04-11-17 You Shall Have No Other gods Before the One True God

Sermonette 04-15-17 

Sermon 04-15-17 Purifying God’s House

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-17-17 

LDUB AM Sermon 04-17-17 A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey

LDUB PM Sermonette 04-17-17

LDUB PM Sermon 04-17-17 The Plummet in the Hands of Zerubbabel

Sermonette 04-22-17 Our Noble Hope

Sermon 04-22-17 Your Redemption Draws Near

Sermonette 04-29-17 Only The Overcomers

Sermon 04-29-17 Make the Difference Between the Clean and the Unclean

Sermonette 05-06-17 Child Rearing

Sermon 05-06-17 Songs of Praise for God’s Favor and of Trust in His Protection

Sermonette 05-13-17 Give 100 Percent of Yourself to God

Sermon 05-13-17

Sermonette 05-20-17 The Feast of Pentecost

Sermon 05-20-17 The Epistles of John A Message to the Ark of God Foundation

Sermonette 05-27-17 Remembrancers Why Pentecost

Sermon 05-27-17 God’s Deliverance of His People

Sermonette 06-03-17 Why Prophecy

Sermon 06-03-17 The Message of Pentecost in Jubilee

PENTECOST AM Offertory Message 06-04-17 

PENTECOST AM Sermon 06-04-17 The Seven Vials of Revelation and the Firstfruits of God Part 1

PENTECOST PM Sermon 06-04-17 The Seven Vials of Revelation and the Firstfruits of God Part 2

Sermonette 06-10-17 The Gold of Ophir in the House of God

Sermon 06-10-17 The Epistle of James

Sermonette 06-17-17 He Shall Build the City

Sermon 06-17-17 God Will Destroy Them That Destroy His Church

Sermonette 06-24-17 Focus On Jerusalem

Sermon 06-24-17 Jonah, The Sign of Christ Coming

Sermonette 07-01-17 The Spirit of Digging Together

Sermon 07-01-17 A Place and A Name Better than Sons and Daughters

Sermonette Mount Zion 07-08-17 Jacob’s Conversion

Sermon Mount Zion 07-08-17 

Sermonette Mount Zion 07-15-17 A New Heaven and A New Earth

Sermon Mount Zion 07-15-17 The Second Epistle of Peter

Sermonette 07-22-17 God’s Tithing System and the 144,000 Saints

Sermon 07-22-17 The Beginning of the Millennium

Sermonette 07-29-17 Actions Speaks Louder Than Words

Sermon 07-29-17 The Mystery of the Kingdom of God

Sermonette 08-05-17 Building Foundation in One Area of Our Lives

Sermon 08-05-17 Prepare to Know Jesus Christ Deeply Through Suffering

Sermonette 08-12-17 The Blessing of Obedience

Sermon 08-12-17 The Prophecy About Tyre and Zidon

Sermonette 08-19-17 God’s Patience

Sermon 08-19-17 Salvation is of the Eternal

Sermonette 08-26-17 Finishing the Physical and Spiritual Temple of God

Sermon 08-26-17 Why the Ark of God

Sermonette 09-02-17 Set Ourselves as a Seal Upon God’s Heart

Sermon 09-02-17 The Sign of Jonah

Sermonette 09-09-17

Sermon 09-09-17 The Year of the Eternal’s Acceptance

Sermonette 09-16-17 If He Provides Not For His Own

Sermon 09-16-17 The Upcoming Clash Between the King of Babylon and the King of Egypt

TRUMPETS AM Offertory Message 09-21-17

TRUMPETS AM Sermon 09-21-17 The Revelation 12 Great Sign in Heaven Declares God’s Masterpiece

TRUMPETS PM Sermonette 09-21-17

TRUMPETS PM Sermon 09-21-17 The Feast of Trumpets A Day of Victory

Sermonette 09-23-17

Sermon 09-23-17 The Nail in the Sure Place

ATONEMENT Offertory Message 09-30-17

ATONEMENT Sermon 09-30-17 The Day of Atonement – Making Christ’s Bride Holy

FOT Opening Night Message 10-04-17

FOT 1st day AM Offertory Message 10-05-17

FOT 1st day AM Sermon 10-05-17 The Amiable Tabernacles of God

FOT 1st day PM Sermonette 10-05-17 Saving Humanity by Teaching

FOT 1st day PM Sermon 10-05-17 Marriage is Salvation

FOT 2nd day Sermonette 10-06-17 Rejoice

FOT 2nd day Sermon 10-06-17

FOT 3rd day AM Sermonette 10-07-17 God’s Family and Work

FOT 3rd day AM Sermon 10-07-17 How Fair is Your Love, My Sister, My Spouse

FOT 3rd day PM Sermonette 10-07-17 Change for Good, Change for God

FOT 3rd day PM Sermon 10-07-17 Save Now, O God

FOT 4th day PM Sermonette 10-08-17 Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega

FOT 4th day Sermon 10-08-17

FOT 5th day Sermonette 10-09-17 Blessing of Children

FOT 5th day Sermon 10-09-17

FOT 6th day Sermonette 10-10-17

FOT 6th day Sermon 10-10-17 God’s Covenant of Peace

FOT 7th day Sermonette 10-11-17

FOT 7th day Sermon 10-11-17

LGD AM Offertory Message 10-12-17

LGD AM Sermon 10-12-17 The Ingathering

LGD PM Sermonette 10-12-17 The Light of the World

LGD PM Sermon 10-12-17 The Day of the Lord – The Day of God’s Judgement

Sermonette 10-14-17 

Sermon 10-14-17 The Trumpet Angels of Revelation 8

Sermonette 10-21-17 777: The Final Completion of God’s Creation

Sermon 10-21-17 A New Song

Sermon 10-28-17 The First and Second Woes of the Book of Revelation

Sermon 11-04-17 The Mighty Angel of Revelation 10

Sermonette 11-11-17 A Warning for Us

Sermon 11-11-17 The Story and Prophecy of Hannah and Samuel

Sermon 11-18-17 The Third Woe Comes Quickly

Sermonette 11-25-17 God’s Purpose Shall Stand

Sermon 11-25-17 The Last End Message in the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians

Sermonette 12-02-17 The Love of God

Sermon 12-02-17

Sermonette 12-09-17 Overcome Addition

Sermon 12-09-17 The Book of Jasher

Sermonette 12-16-17 Wait on God in Obedience with Patience, Trust and Faith

Sermon 12-16-17 The Last End Message in the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians Part 2

Sermonette 12-23-17

Sermon 12-23-17 A House Built Upon a Rock

Sermonette 12-30-17 God’s Timing Never Fails

Sermon 12-30-17 Going Through the Eye of a Needle