Sermon 08-01-15 Found At Last, God’s Ark of the Covenant

Sermon 08-29-15 Pray that Your Flight be Not in the Winter Nor on a Sabbath Day

Sermon 09-05-15 The House of the King, a SNARE on Mizpah and a NET on Tabor

TRUMPETS Sermon 09-14-15 The Day of the Lord and Christ’s Bride

Sermon 09-19-15 The SIXTH SEAL and the BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE

FOT Opening Night Message 09-27-15 

FOT Sermon 10-02-2015 The GOLD of Ophir

LGD 10-04-15 The Day of the Lord and Christ’s Bride Part 2

Sermon 10-10-15 God Brought Forth the Olive Branches

Sermon 10-31-15 The Garden of Eden and The Tree of Life

Sermon 11-14-15 God’s Double Wonder

Sermon 11-21-15 In Mercy Shall the Throne be Established

Sermon 12-05-15 The Key to the Bottomless Pit (FIRST WOE)

Sermon 12-12-15 God’s Army and the Mystery of God (SECOND WOE)