Sermonette 01-06-18 Being a Good Provider

Sermon 01-06-18 Sin of Achan

Sermonette 01-13-18 Dig Deep

Sermon 01-13-18 The 10 Horns of the Beast in Revelation

Sermon 01-20-18 A Great Voice Out of the Temple – The Third Woe Part 1

Sermonette 01-27-18 A White Lie

Sermon 01-27-18 The Tenth of God

Sermonette 02-03-18 The God Family Vision in Genesis 1-1

Sermon 02-03-18 The Destruction of Jericho – The Third Woe Part 2

Sermonette 02-10-18 How to Prove Herbert W. Armstrong is the End-Time Elijah

Sermon 02-10-18 The Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World

Sermonette 02-17-18 Repair, Repair, Either Way

Sermon 02-17-18 Remembering our Threefold to Jesus Christ

Sermon 02-24-18 Turning the Elder to Righteousness – The Third Woe Part 3

Sermon 02-24-18 Turning the Elder to Righteousness – The Third Woe Part 3 (Powerpoint)

Sermonette 03-03-18 God’s Perfect Way of Life – The Way of Give

Sermon 03-03-18 The Marriage of the Lamb

Sermon 03-10-18 The Greatest Blessing of Partaking of the Passover Worthily

Sermonette 03-17-18 Preparation for the Night To Be Much Observed

Sermon 03-17-18 The Three Woes in Zechariah’s Vision

Sermonette 03-24-18 Remember Our Saviour and Overcome

Sermon 03-24-18 The Meaning of Our Partaking of the Bread and Wine

PASSOVER 03-29-18

FDUB AM Offertory Message 03-31-18 

FDUB AM Sermon 03-31-18 The Day of Unleavened Bread – The Separation of the Righteous from the Wicked

FDUB PM Sermonette 03-31-18 Remove Sin from Our Lives

FDUB PM Sermon 03-31-18 The Song of Moses

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-06-18 

LDUB AM Sermon 04-06-18 The Eternal Has Chosen Jerusalem

LDUB PM Sermon 04-06-18 

Sermonette 04-07-18 How God Clothed Jesus Christ’s Wife with Righteousness and its Dual Purpose

Sermon 04-07-18 God’s Passover – A Return to God

Sermonette 04-14-18 The Honeymoon of Jesus Christ and His Bride

Sermon 04-14-18 Draw Out the Controversy of Zion

Sermonette 04-21-18 Judged Not But Judge

Sermon 04-21-18 A Bible Study of the Song of Songs 1-3

Sermonette 04-28-18 The Hidden Key that Unlocks God’s Truth

Sermonette 04-28-18 The Hidden Key that Unlocks God’s Truth (Powerpoint)

Sermon 04-28-18 The Eternal Shall Yet Comfort Zion and Choose Jerusalem Again

Sermon 05-05-18 The Desert Shall Rejoice and Blossom as a Rose

Sermonette 05-12-18 Servant Leadership

Sermon 05-12-18 The 60 Valiant Men of Israel

Sermonette 05-19-18 The Light of the World

Sermon 05-19-18 A Woman Shall Compass a Man

PENTECOST AM Offertory Message 05-20-18 

PENTECOST AM Sermon 05-20-18 And His Feet Shall Stand Upon the Mount of Olives

PENTECOST PM Sermonette 05-20-18 We are God’s Produce

PENTECOST PM Sermon 05-20-18 Pentecost the Marriage

Sermonette 05-26-18 Speculating the Return of Jesus Christ

Sermon 05-26-18 The Chariot of King Solomon

Sermonette 06-02-18 The Story of God’s Emeth – The History of the Seven Church Eras Part 1

Sermon 06-02-18 God’s Justice From The Book of Amos

Sermonette 06-09-18 The Melchizedek Priesthood and the Bride of Jesus Christ

Sermon 06-09-18 Open Your Mouth for the Dumb in Judgment

Sermonette 06-16-18 What Lesson We Can Learn From Errol

Sermon 06-16-18 Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Part 1

Sermonette 06-23-18 God’s Youth Dare to be Different

Sermon 06-23-18 A Little One Shall Become A Thousand and A Small One A Strong Nation

Sermon 06-30-18 Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Part 2

Sermon 06-30-18 Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Part 2 (Powerpoint)

Sermonette 07-07-18 Learn to Discern

Sermon 07-07-18 The Stone Which the Builders Rejected is Become the Head of the Corner

Sermonette 07-14-18

Sermon 07-14-18 O Virgin Daughter of Babylon, There is No Throne

Sermonette 07-21-18 The 60 Valiant Soldiers of God – The Defenders and the Savior of the Family of God

Sermon 07-21-18 Go You Out to Meet the Bridegroom

Sermon 07-28-18 Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy Part 3 – The Conclusion

Sermon 08-04-18 The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Sermonette 08-11-18 Why We Have No Excuse

Sermon 08-11-18 Government is Everything

Sermonette 08-18-18 We are an Instrument

Sermon 08-18-18 The Key of David

Sermonette 08-25-18 The Power of Prayer

Sermon 08-25-18 Remember Now Your Creator in the Days of Your Youth

Sermonette 09-01-18 The Story of God’s Emeth – The Transfiguration of Elijah and Moses – Part 2

Sermon 09-01-18 Come My People, Enter Into Your Chambers

Sermonette 09-08-18 

Sermon 09-08-18 The 3 Days and A Half in Revelation 11 verse 11

TRUMPETS AM Offertory Message Jerusalem 09-10-18

TRUMPETS AM Sermon Jerusalem 09-10-18 The Burnt Offering of the Feast of Trumpets

TRUMPETS PM Sermonette Jerusalem 09-10-18 Rosh Hashanah – The New Birth, New Beginning

TRUMPETS PM Sermon Jerusalem 09-10-18 They Will Call Jerusalem The Throne of the Eternal

Sermonette 09-15-18 Elul 25 – The Beginning of Creation

Sermon 09-15-18 Gideon’s Army – History Becoming Prophecy

ATONEMENT Offertory Message 09-19-18

ATONEMENT Sermon 09-19-18 

Sermon 09-22-18 The Son of Man is the Lord Also of the Sabbath

FOT Opening Night Message 09-23-18 

FOT 1st day AM Offertory Message 09-24-18 

FOT 1st day AM Sermon 09-24-18 Rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem in the Feast of Tabernacles

FOT 1st day PM Sermonette 09-24-18 Build The Spirit of Teamwork This Feast of Tabernacle

FOT 1st day PM Sermon 09-24-18 New Jerusalem – The New Heavens and the New Earth

FOT 2nd day Sermonette 09-25-18 He Shall Caused His Name To Dwell There

FOT 2nd day Sermon 09-25-18 The Return of Ezra – The Peace To Jerusalem

FOT 3rd day Sermonette 09-26-18 Reach For That City Jerusalem

FOT 3rd day Sermon 09-26-18 Righteousness by Faith Sets the 144,000 Saints Apart

FOT 4th day Sermonette 09-27-18 The Unity of the Ark of God and the Father – The New Heaven and the New Earth

FOT 4th day Sermon 09-27-18 Mercy Seat

FOT 5th day Sermonette 09-28-18 Why Temporary Dwelling

FOT 5th day Sermon 09-28-18 Provoke Israel to Jealousy

FOT 6th day AM Sermonette 09-29-18 Faith and Works Go Hand and Hand

FOT 6th day AM Sermon 09-29-18 The Council of Peace Shall Be Between Them Both

FOT 6th day PM Sermonette 09-29-18 Can We Know the Will of God

FOT 6th day PM Sermon 09-29-18 The Ezekiel 5 Prophecy – Bringing to Fulfillment The Decree

FOT 7th day SplitSermon Part 1 09-30-18 The Last End Book of Remembrance The Love of God – God Divided The Light From Darkness

FOT 7th day SplitSermon Part 2 09-30-18 God is Exposing Our Sins and How Do We Reconcile it to God

LGD AM Offertory Message 10-01-18 Basically A Man’s Responsibility

LGD AM Sermon 10-01-18 The Judgment of the Ancient of Days

LGD PM Sermonette 10-01-18 Parable of the Fig Tree

LGD PM Sermon 10-01-18 Bring the Glory Back to Jerusalem

Sermonette 10-06-18 Longanimity

Sermon 10-06-18 The Image of Jealousy – Ezekiel’s Last End Vision Part 1

Sermonette 10-13-18 Keep this Feast that Comes in Jerusalem

Sermon 10-13-18 What’s Holding God From Prodding Mr. Gerald Flurry To Make His Firm Decision Already

Sermonette 10-20-18 How God is Greater than Our Financial Problem

Sermon 10-20-18 Take Out Our Two Pence

Sermonette 10-27-18 Parable of the Fig Tree – A Brilliant Vision Part 2

Sermon 10-27-18 Ezekiel’s Last Vision Part 2 – Preparing for Exile

Sermonette 11-03-18 The Irrefutable Work of God – God’s Strange Work

Sermon 11-03-18 I am Not Come to Destroy the Law or the Prophets But to Fulfill

Sermonette 11-10-18 Harvesting and Refining the Gold Nuggets of the Philippines

Sermon 11-10-18 God’s Last End Prophecy From the Book of Esther

Sermonette 11-17-18 Honor Your Father and Mother in the Lord

Sermon 11-17-18 A Word Fitly Spoken is Like Apples of God in Pictures of Silver

Sermonette 11-24-18 Building Strong Friendship

Sermon 11-24-18 Queen Esther – A Woman Clothed with a Sun

Sermonette 12-01-18 God’s Purpose vs. The Cares For This Life

Sermon 12-01-18 The Valley of Decision

Sermonette 12-08-18 The Government of God – The I am Government, The Kingdom of God

Sermon 12-08-18 Why the Majority of God’s People are Failing in their Calling

Sermonette 12-15-18 Let Us Strive for Integrity

Sermon 12-15-18 The Fulness of the Gentiles

Sermonette 12-22-18 How Should We Prepare for the Messiah’s Return

Sermon 12-22-18 The Words of Mr. Gerald Flurry – The Prophecy

Sermon 12-29-18 A Kingdom Which Cannot be Moved