2015 Mount Zion Dig


Sunrise at Mount of Olives 13 June 2015 Edstone and Jerusalem - SPOT the difference 13 June 2015 IMG_20150612_174840 Hello Jerusalem 12 June 2015
A Childrens Playground - Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem A Children's Playground in Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem 26 June 2015_1 IMG_20150612_164054 Mount Zion Dig 2015
June 14_1 Day 1 Mount Zion Dig 14, June 2015 with Dr. Tabor June 14 IMG_20150613_173110
IMG_20150612_170809 IMG_20150612_180226 IMG_20150612_174710 IMG_20150612_175754
June 13 IMG_20150612_163345 Make yourselves BALD - facing the Valley of Jehoshaphat in Jerusalem Day 1 Mount Zion Dig 14, June 2015
2015 Mount Zion dig 2015 Mount zion 5th day find - 1st Century CE OIL LAMP 2015 Mount Zion dig_1 Hebrew University with Shimon Gibson
 Hebrew University in Jerusalem Attended a lecture in Hebrew University With Dr Shimon Gibson With Dr James Tabor
2015 Mount Zion dig_2 IMG_20150614_134041 IMG_20150615_170224 IMG_20150615_231113
IMG_4560 mtziondig_news philip4 IMG_4517
 Ambassador Diggers 1970s  PCG Ophel Excavation 2013  Mount Zion Excavation 2015  IMG_20150625_235806
 IMG_20150626_000952  IMG_20150626_005823  buka  The Eternal has chosen Jerusalem