Sermonette 01-02-21 How Much God Love Us You and Me

Sermon 01-02-21 The Greatest Divine Reset After God

Sermonette 01-09-21 The Whole Head is Sick

Sermon 01-09-21 Thy Will Be Done, Thy Purpose Shall Stand

Sermonette 01-16-21 The Afflictions of the Righteous

Sermon 01-16-21 Know Yourself and Don’t Lean to Your Own Understanding God’s Will be Done

Sermonette 01-23-21 Biblical OPHIR and It’s Significance in This Last End

Sermon 01-23-21 Giving Up God’s Family Throne – For What

Sermonette 01-30-21

Sermonette 02-06-21

Sermonette 02-13-21 God Makes Man in His Own Image

Sermon 02-13-21 Repent and Endure to the End

BibleStudy AM 02-20-21 For Now, O Ephraim, You Commit Whoredom, and Israel is Defiled

Sermonette PM 02-20-21 To The Intent That The Living May Know That The Most High Ruleth In The Kingdom Of Men

Sermon PM 02-20-21 From the Power of Satan Unto God

Sermonette 02-27-21 Getting Things Done

Sermon 02-27-21

Sermonette 03-06-21 Dedication and Loyalty to God

Sermon 03-06-21 Know Ye Not That Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Which Is In You

Powerpoint 03-06-21 Know Ye Not That Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Which Is In You

Sermonette 03-13-21 The Midst of the Second Vial and the Soon End of All Lies

Sermon 03-13-21 Remember the Passover till the Lord Comes

BibleStudy AM 03-20-21 The Ezekiel 4 Siege and God’s Passover

Sermonette PM 03-20-21 Examine Ourselves If We Have the Faith to Save God’s People

Sermon PM 03-20-21 Can Know the Time

Sermonette 03-27-21 Passover Examination

Sermon 03-27-21 Focusing on the Passover Lamb Sacrifice – Jesus Christ Will Take Away the Sins of the World

Sermonette 04-03-21 Flee from Sin

Sermon 04-03 -21 Who are We in Prophecy

FDUB AM Offertory Message 04-04-21

FDUB AM Sermon 04-04-21 The Second Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread

FDUB PM Sermonette 04-04-21 What God is Looking For in Us

FDUB PM Sermon 04-04-21 A Repentant and Humbled End-Time Moses Will Lead the Israelites to the Promise Land

LDUB AM Offertory Message 04-10-21 12 Case in Going to Perfection Before Done by Faith

LDUB AM Sermon 04-10-21 Ministers are God’s Worksmanship and are True, Faithful Servant of God, Teacher of Righteousness

LDUB PM Sermon 04-10-21 The 10 Plagues of Egypt and the 10 Commandments

Sermonette 04-17-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 1 – The Introduction

Sermon 04-17-21 Suppression of Truth

Sermonette 04-24-21

Sermon 04-24-21 God’s Way of Life Through Music

Sermonette 05-01-21 The Ant and the Ark of God

Sermon 05-01-21 Route of Exodus Journeys Part 1 – Red Sea Crossing

Powerpoint 05-01-21 Route of Exodus Journeys Part 1 – Red Sea Crossing

Sermonette 05-08-21 Fear – Whom Shall We Fear

Sermon 05-08-21 The Spirit of Jealousy

Sermonette 05-15-21 Healthful Living In This End Times – Part 2

Sermon 05-15-21 Who Shall Go Up in the Mountain of the Lord or Who Shall Stand in His Holy Place

Sermon 05-22-21 Jerusalem From Above

Sermonette 05-29-21

Sermon 05-29-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 2 – Satan and The Trees of Eden in the Belly of Hell

PENTECOST AM Offertory Message 05-30-21 To Be At One Accord During Pentecost

PENTECOST AM Sermon 05-30-21 Counting Pentecost and a New Meat Offering on the Day of the Firstfruits

PENTECOST PM Sermon 05-30-21 The Key of Solomon

Sermonette 06-05-21 Now is Not The Time to Backslide

Sermon 06-05-21 The Footprint of the Firstfruits

Sermonette 06-12-21 Rejoice in Comparable Blessings of Forgiveness

Sermon 06-12-21 Freedom in the Law

BibleStudy AM 06-19-21 And Jerusalem Shall Be Trodden Down of the Gentiles Until the Times of the Gentiles be Fulfilled

Sermonette PM 06-19-21 The Counsel of the Lord Shall Stand Forever

Sermon PM 06-19-21 How Do We Apply God’s Will Individually in Our Lives

Sermonette 06-26-21 The History and Prophecy of Abraham and His Seed Part 1b – The Teachers of Righteousness and the Antediluvian Age

Sermon 06-26-21 The Two Trees

Sermonette 07-03-21 Miracle of the Ax Part 1

Sermon 07-03-21 The Prophet a Snare of a Fowler in All His Ways

Sermonette 07-10-21 The Route of Exodus Part 2 – Quest For The Real Mt Sinai Intro

Sermon 07-10-21 God Spares and Shows No Partiality – God is Merciful, Just and Upright

Bible Study AM 07-17-21 By Thy Sorceries Were All Nations Deceived – The Key of Solomon Part 2

Sermonette PM 07-17-21 She is Wisdom

Sermon PM 07-17-21 How Freemasonry Affects God’s People During This Last End

Sermon07-24-21 The Higgs Boson for the 10% Remnant

Sermonette 07-31-21

Sermon 07-31-21 Miracle of the Axe Part 2

Sermonette 08-07-21 The Precious Treasure of God in the Land of Ophir

Sermon 08-07-21 Route Of Exodus Part 3 – The Real Mt Sinai, The Story of the Discovery and the Archeological Evidences the Axe Part 2

Sermonette 08-14-21 Defending the Family and the Government of God

Sermon 08-14-21

Bible Study AM 08-21-21 The Gospel of Yahusha to the Jew First, and also to the Greek

Sermonette PM 08-21-21 God’s Correction or the World

Sermon PM 08-21-21 The Garden of Eden in the Heart of the Earth Part 3 – The Iron Wall of Eden and the Two Trees in the Mother’s Womb

Sermonette 08-28-21 The Magnitude of Spiritual Earthquake That Crack in This Last End

Sermon 08-28-21 The Power of Music

Sermonette 09-04-21 God’s Master Plan and His Family

Sermon 09-04-21 Jeroboam and the Prophets

Sermonette 09-11-21 The Picture of the Quality of Your Love

Sermon 09-11-21 The Virtuous Woman

Bible Study AM 09-18-21 The Beast of Revelation 13 – The Key of Solomon Part 3

Sermonette PM 09-18-21 Understanding the Number of the Beast and Added Blessing in this Last End

Sermon PM 09-18-21 Rise and Measure the Temple of God, and the Altar, and Them that Worship Therein