A Warm Friend of Israel

HWA - A Warm Friend of Israel

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“Jerusalem!—the city God chose over all places on Earth. … The city soon to become the capital of the whole world—when, finally, we shall have world peace!” — Herbert W. Armstrong

A Special Place

A prolific author, educator, philanthropist and minister, Herbert W. Armstrong taught the true causes of the problems facing humanity and their ultimate solutions. He published the Plain Truth magazine, read by 1 out of every 583 people on Earth; broadcast the World Tomorrow program, seen on 382 television stations and 36 radio stations; and founded three campuses of the well-regarded Ambassador College.
Leaders across the globe respected his message, extended him personal invitations, and collaborated with him. Several became his close friends. Mr. Armstrong sometimes traveled 300 days out of the year. But his greatest passion was not for Jakarta, Pretoria, Manila, Cairo or even London or Washington. His greatest passion was for Jerusalem.
As a devoted student and teacher of the Bible, Mr. Armstrong believed in the glorious future of Jerusalem. He flew to the new nation of Israel more frequently than anywhere else; during one four-year period, he returned about 50 times. 
The first official to welcome Mr. Armstrong into “a partnership with Israel” was a signer of the 1948 Declaration of Independence, Tourism Minister Moshe Kol. From that initial partnership at the Knesset in 1968 to his death in 1986, Mr. Armstrong met with President Zalman Shazar, Prime Minister Golda Meir, President Ephraim Katzir, Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, President Yitzhak Navon, President Chaim Herzog and Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

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